Telefilm Canada New Voices Award

The TELEFILM CANADA New Voices Awards are awarded to five emerging screenwriters from across Canada. The award provides each winner with a complimentary registration to the tenth annual Toronto Screenwriting Conference (TSC) (May 4-5, 2019), plus an exclusive lunch with TSC Founder Glenn Cockburn, TELEFILM Canada executives, and special guests.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 18th, 2019, 8:00pm EST



  • Be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or Landed Immigrant
  • Must have ownership of creative rights, and be able to demonstrate proof of original concept
  • Must be available to attend the exclusive luncheon (May 3), and Toronto Screenwriting Conference (May 4-5), in Toronto (please note we are unable to cover the costs of travel)
  • Must have written at least two (2) projects: digital series episode, TV episode, short film, feature film, or a play of which one (1) has been produced
  • Must submit one (1) feature length screenplay or TV series pilot as part of your complete application
  • Must not have previously been awarded the TELEFILM Canada New Voices Award


Applicants are asked to include the following information in the form of a complete package. Please note that incomplete packages will NOT be reviewed by the jury.

Please provide the following enclosures in your application:

  • Completed Application Form (Including Signature), with declaration of ownership
  • A letter of intent and interest outlining how you will use the opportunity to further your goals (maximum of 1 page)
  • A curriculum vitae that includes screen credits, relevant education and training; please also include a short bio (maximum 300 words), in addition to your CV
  • A two-page synopsis that describes your script submission. Include story, characters, genre, format and target audience (maximum of 2 pages)
  • Writing Sample: One (1) original script for a TV-series, or feature film

Scripts may be sent as attachments, or links. Please ensure you provide passwords for script uploads (where applicable). Please note your application attachments should not exceed 10MB



Applicants are asked to submit their full application package via email to:

When collating your application, please ensure that you submit your package in three (3) PDFS.

  1. Completed Application Form (download link below)
  2. Enclosures: Letter of Intent/Interest, CV, bio, two-page synopsis
  3. Writing Sample

Award winners will be notified of selection by Friday, April 5, 2019.

Telefilm Canada and Toronto Screenwriting Conference would like to thank you for your submission. Only those selected to receive the Telefilm Canada New Voices Award will be contacted. 


Download Application Form


How does the TSC define diversity for the purposes of this application?
Applicants are encouraged to apply as diverse candidates based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and physical abilities. Applicants are asked to self identify on the application form.
How are projects evaluated?

Applications are submitted and assigned to readers who provide notes and grade each script (out of ten). The top graded scripts are sent to a jury of industry professionals for a second reading. The jury will meet to discuss their top five scripts. As a group the jury will select the final projects selected to win the awards.

Will the TSC be able to cover the cost of travel?
No. The TSC can make recommendations, and provide assistance in helping secure grants to attend the conference. The TSC also works with hospitality and travel partners to help reduce the cost of travel. More details will be made available to award winners.
What is the exclusive lunch?

The luncheon is a great opportunity to connect with senior industry professionals. Each year the TSC Founder and President of Meridian Artists Agency, Glenn Cockburn, along with Telefilm Executives, and our award winners gather to talk shop, seek answers to outstanding questions, and build new relationships. Sometimes our TSC speakers also join the luncheon. More details are provided to the award winners.

When will I know if I received the award?

All award winners will be notified by the 5th of April. The TSC makes every effort to contact all applicants to let you know whether or not your application was successful.

Can I apply for the Telefilm Canada New Voices Award and the Magee TV Diverse Screenwriters Mentorship?
Yes, applicants are encouraged to apply for both opportunities. Award winners may only receive one of the awards though. Separate juries adjudicate the two awards.
Can I submit more than one application to the Telefilm Canada New Voices Award?
No, applicants may only submit one application so please make sure it represents your best work.
Should I buy my pass during Early Bird to secure the best rate in case I don’t win?
No. The TSC extends an Early Bird rate to all applicants (in the event that Early Bird closes before the call for applications closes). Please note that if you want to secure your seat early, we will refund the cost of registration if you are awarded after purchasing your ticket.
Can I apply this year if I applied last year and was unsuccessful?
Of course!
Can I get feedback on my script?
Due to the high volume of applications, we cannot give individual feedback on any script.
Is there ANY circumstance that would allow me to have an extension on the submission deadline?
No. To be fair towards everyone who submits, extensions will not be granted. Please note that deadlines are Eastern Standard Time.
If I'm part of a writing team, do we each need to submit an application?
No, teams should submit ONE application.

Past Winners

2018 Telefilm New Voices Winners

Davida Aronovitch (Toronto)
Michael Hanley (Toronto)
Erin Hug (Toronto)
Kim Morrison (Toronto)
Lisa Rose Snow (Toronto)

2017 Telefilm New Voices Winners

Brandon Ash-Mohammed (Toronto)
Reem Morsi (Toronto)
JJ Neepin (Winnipeg)
Thomas Pepper (Toronto)
Adam Perry (Charlottetown)
Kenny Wong (Montreal)

2016 Telefilm New Voices Winners

Marie Dame (Toronto)
Ana De Lara (Vancouver)
Rebecca Hales (Vancouver)
Kim Izzo (Toronto)
John Ward (Vancouver)

2015 Telefilm New Voices Winners

Dennis Allen (Lethbridge)
Keith Davidson (Toronto)
Tommy Gushue (Toronto)
Vivian Lin (Toronto)
Carly Stone (Vancouver)

2014 Telefilm New Voices Winners

Jon Wayne Brown (St. John’s)
Katherine Di Marino (Toronto)
Elene Mekete (Toronto)
Lea Nakonechny (Montreal)
Ashley Park (Toronto)

2013 Telefilm New Voices Winners

Gloria Ui Young Kim (Toronto)
Margaret Rose Lester (Mississauga)
Maurey Loeffler (Toronto)
Piers Rae (Vancouver)
Nathalie Younglai (Toronto)