Fraudsters & the Coppers that Chase Them

Speaker: Mike Akpata
Date: Saturday, June 23
Time: 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Venue: Artscape Sandbox

Frauds are a uniquely complex offence. Those that commit these offences are a unique group of people. They can understand, examine and exploit systems to their own benefit. They can bypass defenses that are placed in their way, with guile and cunning. They are an intellectual challenge for those investigators that pursue them. By reviewing a number of case studies different fraud techniques will be exposed. The investigative techniques used to uncover, unravel, successfully investigate these offences will also be outlined.

By referencing standard investigative practices and techniques commonly used in fraud cases the participant will better understand how the investigator tackles these cases and moves them forward. The step by step process from initial report, investigation, arrest and prosecution will be explained to more realistically portray this process.

The key concepts of search and seizure, expectation of privacy, and disclosure of information will be referenced using relevant Canadian case law to provide the learner with understanding of these key concepts. Investigative autonomy and integrity as key components of the investigation will also be discussed.

Mike Akpata

Mike Akpata

Team Lead Public Safety, Investigations, & Counter Fraud i2 National Sales, IBM Canada

Michael Akpata joined IBM Canada in November of 2015 as the Team Lead Public Safety, Investigations, & Counter Fraud i2 National Sales after serving 20+ years with the Windsor Police Service in Windsor Ontario.  Then Senior Constable Akpata was recently assigned to the Financial Crimes and Arson Unit where he served as both an Arson and Fraud investigator. Mike specialized in power of attorney fraud and financial crimes against seniors. Mike has had a diverse career with the Windsor Police Service which has seen him assigned to drugs and gangs, break and enter, training branch, and uniform patrol. For 4 years, he was the Ontario Police Memorial Sergeant Major, and had been the Windsor Police Honour Guard Sergeant Major since 1998.

As a Windsor Police Officer Mike has been recognized and has received several awards including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Neal Jessop award for excellence and the Senior Constable John Atkinson Memorial Award. In 2015, he was recognized by the Coordinated Community Response Coalition of Wayne and Oakland County (Michigan) and was named the Advocate of the Year for Older Adults.

Mike retired from the Canadian Armed Forces primary reserve with 26 years of service. In 2007, he served in Afghanistan with 2nd battalion Royal Canadian Regiment where he received both the Taskforce Commander’s Commendation, and the Area Commander’s Commendation. Mike stays active with veteran’s issues and is currently involved with the Operation Stress Injury support group, as well as the Royal Canadian Legion.

In 2014 Mike ran and was elected to the position of Councillor for the Town of LaSalle where he resides with his wife Sheri and his 2 children Reece and Regan.